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More Than 25 Years of Medical Publishing Experience

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Michelle Berger

President/CEO, Purple Rooster Press

Why Choose Us

When it comes to self-publishing your medical or healthcare book, we know you have more than one option. The following are the top 3 reasons that set us apart from other companies.


Emphasis on Quality

We believe that medical and healthcare books should be published to the highest of standards. That includes allowing enough pages to explain the topic, using readable fonts, incorporating images and illustrations to show complex ideas and step-by-step techniques, and a publishing process that produces a professional product that provides value to the reader and will last.



Personalized Approach

We know that every project is unique. That’s why we provide authors with a personal approach customized to their needs. This includes editorial support with content development and editing, proofreading, and custom design services, to enhance the presentation and readability of their book. We also have experts on staff who can advise about marketing and distribution to help ensure your book reaches its intended audience.


Experienced Publishing Team

When authors choose Medico Publishing, they get a team of experienced developmental editors and copy editors, as well as expert designers and artists who can bring their vision to life. We collaborate with all our authors, asking for their opinions and providing suggestions and recommendations. No matter if your book is softcover or hardcover, we work with experienced printers with a proven track record of printing and binding.

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