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We help aspiring authors and companies self-publish high-quality, professional medical books and reference materials.

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We are Your Medical Publishing Team

Are you an aspiring author or company with an idea for a high-quality, professional medical book or project? As an imprint of Purple Rooster Press, Medico Publishing has the tools and the expertise to support you through every step, from concept to self-publication publication and release. Our team of experienced editors and publishing professionals is dedicated to the highest standards of editorial excellence. We collaborate with authors and contributors, as well as companies within the medical and healthcare industry, on textbooks, clinical resources, and other reference materials.

At Medico Publishing, we foster a collaborative environment and support initiatives that promote knowledge exchange and professional development.

Our Focus

Content Areas of Expertise

Because we are growing and expanding, the following list is not all-inclusive.


Publication Features

Visual Aids, Including Illustrations

Comprehensive Content & Step-By-Step Technique

In-Depth Editing

Custom Layout & Publication

Our Services

We Support You in Every Phase of Publication

At Medico Publishing, we partner with individual authors and companies, offering a full suite of publishing, design, and production services to bring your project to completion, no matter where you are in the process:

Project Management

The Medico Publishing team oversees the entire journey of your project, from your initial concept to print or digital publication. We coordinate with you, our production team, contractors, and suppliers to keep your project on schedule and meet your deadline. 

Editorial Services

Our editorial services begin with manuscript assessment and include a two-level editing process: developmental editing and copy editing. Also, our editorial experts can help organize your manuscript or your full project. With our polishing, we make sure your work is free of grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.

Custom Design

All of our publications have custom-designed covers to capture readers’ attention and interiors that clearly present the information. With all our books, we loop lead you into the design process. No matter if you have a print or digital project, we  will collaborate with you on colors, materials, fonts, and more. 


From illustrations and images to infographics and video, you have options for including visuals to explain complex concepts. No matter your needs, we partner with specially trained artists and videographers who can help you communicate procedural steps and more.

Full-Service Production

With all our books, our focus is on quality. You will get to review sample pages and page proof with images in place and make changes as necessary. Need an index? We have experienced indexers who pull the information to quickly direct the readers to the information they are trying to find. And before we go to press and publish, proofreaders go through every word to make sure errors are caught and corrected.

Printing, Binding, and Digital Delivery

We offer high-quality printing and binding services for all the books we publish. Also, you have several options for your eBook or digital publication. Unsure about the right format for your project? We can advise and then prepare your content it in a high-quality way that engages your target audience. And if you need marketing support, we can help with that too.

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